About The Founders

Don and Mylène Saxton, both former Canadian National Team players, founded Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club in 1988. The Club originally had one senior women's team and one senior men's team, and competed very successfully in Canadian and international tournaments (winning 7 Canadian Open Championships and one U.S. Open Championship). After several years of trying to find gym space throughout the city, they opened the Volleydome "bubble" in 1994 as a space designed specifically for volleyball.

In 1997 Canuck Stuff added youth teams who practiced out of the Volleydome space. Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club is now directed by Brian Gullekson and a volunteer Board of Directors. It currently holds 17 National Youth Championship titles plus dozens of Provincial Championship titles, including an amazing 16 championship titles in 2004.

At the start of 2018 the second Volleydome, known as Volleydome GYM ('Get Yourself Moving'), was opened just north of Calgary. Both facilities are still owned and managed by Don and Mylène, these days with additional support from their children (Milou, Ben, Camille and Dustin), children-in-law (Tom and Nadyne), as well as a team of dedicated, experienced, and extremely talented coaches and staff.

About The Dome

The Volleydome is one of Canada's most unique volleyball structures in that it was built specifically for indoor hard court and beach volleyball.


Commonly referred to as the 'dome' or 'bubble', the Volleydome is an air supported structure, designed and manufactured in Canada. The material that the Volleydome is made from is a vinyl type fabric that is very light yet durable. The fabric is anchored to the ground by an engineered concrete pad known as a 'grade beam'. Air is pumped into the structure via an HVAC (heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) unit that keeps the building pressured and 'inflated' 365 days a year.

The Volleydome is in fact 'not' a bubble, in that it will not pop or explode in the event of a tear in the fabric. Special dampers controlled by computer in the HVAC unit, adjust to the needs of the pressure in the building. The nickname 'bubble' comes from the soft round curves of the fabric's outer shell.

The Volleydome has 40' high ceilings and it is insulated and heated for year-round comfort. There are four outdoor beach courts with a great view of downtown Calgary. The Volleydome takes pride in the six hardwood volleyball courts, built to NBA specifications for that ultimate playing experience. Simply put, you won't find a better playing surface for the game of volleyball anywhere.

For more information on the Volleydome structure, please contact the manufacturer:
The Farley Group, Guelph, Ontario 1(888)445-3223

The Volleydome


DOME Location

2825 24th Ave. NW

Calgary, AB    T2N 4L6

GYM Location

293057 James Jones Way

Rocky View, AB    T4A 0X1

Hours: Every day, 9 AM - 11 PM

DOME Phone: (403)284-3663

GYM Phone: (587)619-0590

Email: info@volleydome.net

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Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club


Club office located inside Volleydome
Club Administrator: Brian Gullekson
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM
Phone: (403)973-7701
Email: canuckstuff@volleydome.net