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The Volleydome

Open 9AM - 11PM, 7 Days a Week

GYM Location - (587) 619-0590

#250, 10 Stonehill Pl NE

Calgary, AB    T3N 1T7

Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club


More INFO about the new GYM -10 Stonehill Place NE

Moving early 2023

This is a brand new warehouse and it is quite a story how we finally ended up signing a new lease with them. The whole process of finding a new home started about 8 months ago and this building was one of the first ones that we looked at and identified as being high on our list. Great location just a bit more costly than some, but when we asked in the first place, our realtor gave us a pretty flat no that they wouldn’t be interested in recreational uses. Fast forward through months of looking and talking toother places, lots of similar rejections and then a new realtor from JLL said he knows a guy and suddenly this place was a possibility again. Then we have months of back and forth. Offers, counteroffers, rejection, then back to the table and finally an agreement that included 1 more bay (13,000 sq. ft.) than we asked for so we will have more space than we need for a while, but we are pretty sure we can grow into it based on the way that volleyball is growing in our city and the size of our waiting lists in the past year. This will be one of the largest volleyball specific locations in North America and we intend to make it one of the most memorable for many players in the years to come.

Don and Mylène Saxton, both former Canadian National Team players, founded Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club in 1988. The Club originally had one senior women's team and one senior men's team, and competed very successfully in Canadian and international tournaments (winning 7 Canadian Open Championships and one U.S. Open Championship). After several years of trying to find gym space throughout the city, they opened the Volleydome "bubble" in 1994 as a space designed specifically for volleyball.

In 1997 Canuck Stuff added youth teams who practiced out of the Volleydome space. Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club is now directed by Brian Gullekson and a volunteer Board of Directors. It currently holds 17 National Youth Championship titles plus dozens of Provincial Championship titles, including an amazing 16 championship titles in 2004.

At the start of 2018 the second Volleydome, known as Volleydome GYM ('Get Yourself Moving'), was opened just north of Calgary. Both facilities are still owned and managed by Don and Mylène, these days with additional support from their children (Milou, Ben, Camille and Dustin), children-in-law (Tom and Nadyne), as well as a team of dedicated, experienced, and extremely talented coaches and staff.

About The Founders

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