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Youth - Domeletics (Grades 2-4)

About Domeletics


Grades 2-4 Boys & Girls
Level: Beginner

Learn to move, LOVE to move. In our NEW Domeletics class we teach FUNdamental movement skills, physical literacy, and volleyball specific skills to move confidently on the court and beyond.
Supporting long term participation in physical activity for life by building a positive self-concept in an inclusive environment.


Developmentally appropriate programming following the LTD model with qualified, encouraging coaches.


What to expect:  

Cooperative games, obstacle courses, athletic movement breakdown and volleyball FUNdamentals, Domeletics Challenge Days.

FUNdamental Movement Skills:

  • Catching

  • Throwing

  • Jumping

  • Landing

  • Diving

  • Rolling

  • Hopping

  • Balance

Volleyball Specific Skills:

  • Ready Position

  • Passing

  • Setting

  • Approach

  • Arm Swing

  • Hitting

  • Diving

  • Defense

Forms & Registration Links

Fall Program 2023

Registration Closed

How to Register:

Option 1) REGISTER ONLINE! by clicking the appropriate link

Option 2) Pick up a form and send it to the Volleydome GYM by mail, email or in person with your payment.

Send/Drop off paper forms to:

The Volleydome

#250, 10 Stonehill Pl NE
Calgary, AB T3N 1T7


Domeletics - Fall 2023


About the Coach:

Emily grew up as a multisport athlete. She is a big believer in teaching FUNdamental movement as the foundation for physical activity and sport for life. Her goal is to provide an inclusive, fun environment to build confidence and motivation in your child.

Emily is an NCCP Certified Coach, a former National Team kayak member, with B.A in Psychology and over 10 years of coaching of all ages and abilities. She is High Five Certified- Principles of Healthy Child Development and NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills certified. Emily is a certified Yoga Teacher with a love of leading children and sports teams to move mindfully. Emily is very excited to offer this unique program for your future athlete.

Contact the Volleydome Office for questions or help with registration. If a group is FULL and you would like to be placed on a waitlist, feel free to contact us with your players name & group requested.

Phone: 587-619-0590

What we offer:

75 min sessions - $180 for 8 weeks

1 day a week

Domeletics Fall (Wednesdays) Beginner Boys & Girls, Grades 2-4

Volleydome GYM Location (10 Stonehill Pl NE)
Wednesdays 5:00-6:15pm from Sept 6 to Oct 25

Cost: $180


Domeletics Fall (Sundays, Group 1) Beginner Boys & Girls, Grades 2-4

Volleydome GYM Location (10 Stonehill Pl NE)
Sundays 1:30-2:45pm from Sept 10 to Nov 5 **no class on Oct 8th - FULL (please email for waitlist)

Cost: $180

GYM Location: #250, 10 Stonehill Pl NE


Please call (587)619-0590 or email for questions or help with registration.

Domeletics - Summer Camp


Join us for a half-day Summer Camp dedicated to movement, fun and skill-building.
The Summer Camp will follow the Domeletics model of teaching fundamental movement skills along with cooperative games and integrating volleyball-specific skills. 


Domeletics Summer Camp - Beginner Boys & Girls, Grades 2-4

NEW Volleydome GYM Location (10 Stonehill Pl NE)
Monday, July 3rd - Friday, July 7th

Cost: $138

Please call (587)619-0590 or email for questions or help with registration.

Mini Dome Club
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