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Youth - All Programs

Beginner Programs

Mini Dome Club

Grades 4-7

Mini Dome Club was introduced by the Volleydome in 2004 and it became an overnight success with its purpose of teaching kids the skills of the game in a less competitive environment. Each session includes Play Days with modified games, working towards full game play by the end of the session. Our motto from the beginning has been:
Have Fun, Learn the Skills, Love the Game.

Mini DC is run in the Fall, Winter and Spring, with hardcourt being offered at the GYM location and beach volleyball being offered at the DOME location. It is an excellent introductory program for young volleyball athletes aspiring to join junior high school teams or eventually join team programs like Dome Club (Recreational) or Canuck Stuff Club (Competitive).

Players that have already gone through Mini Dome Club (or played the sport on a school team) should look at our Dome Club program instead, which has longer sessions that run with similar start dates to the Minis.

Volleyball Summer Camps

9 to 17 years old

The Volleydome has been successfully running week-look volleyball camps for youth in Calgary for 20+ years. Our most popular Volleyball camps are 1/2 day camps geared towards beginner and recreational players looking to learn and improve in basic volleyball skills.


Summer camps are run regularly during the Summer, Winter, and over Spring Break, and include both boys and girls (separated for older age groups if numbers allow).

Important Dates

Fall Programs (Sept-Nov)
Dome Club Registration - June 1 
Mini DC and Beach Reg - June 15

Winter Programs (Jan-Mar)
Dome Club Registration - Oct 1
Mini DC and Beach Reg - Oct 15

Spring Programs (Apr-Jun)
Dome Club & Mini DC Reg - Feb 1
Beach Dome Club Reg - Feb 15

Summer Camps (Jul-Aug)
Registration Opens March 1


Dome Defenders (Season Jan-May)
Registration - November

Tryouts - November/December

Recreational Programs

Dome Club & Dome Club

11 to 17 years old

Dome Club began in 2009 as a way for graduates of Mini Dome Club to continue to play and improve. It is our most popular program, recommended for any and all athletes who have basic volleyball skills and a love of the game, but aren't necessarily looking to commit to the time and cost of an "elite" club team. With Dome Club, there are no special invitations or tryouts, and costs are kept to a minimum by playing in informal in-house tournaments. Please note that Dome Club is a recreational program with an emphasis on learning, fun, and development as part of a team - winning will not be a priority.

Registrants will be assigned to practice groups with players of similar age, and split into teams for tournament and scrimmage days. Dome tournaments/scrimmage days are included in the price of the registration.

2024 School Tournaments

The Volleydome runs Fall Tournaments for School Teams on a yearly basis. This Fall we will be accepting up to 24 teams for registration each day (including both boys and girls teams). Teams are guaranteed 4 games, with the potential for more depending on performance. All tournaments are 1-day events that take place on a Saturday.

Please Note: These tournaments are for team registration, not individuals. If you are trying to register your child into a volleyball camp or program, please refer to our main Youth Page for more information on these programs.

Coming Soon


If you would like to register your team to play in one of our tournaments, please email Don Saxton at

Competitive Programs


11 to 17 years old


To continually promote both volleyball excellence for each athlete and a life long love of the game in a caring, supportive and competitive environment. We believe that volleyball is more than just a game; it is a life experience.


Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club will provide excellent facilities, an efficient and responsive administration, quality coaching and role modeling in a positive, encouraging and supportive environment. This will enable players who have a desire to achieve their potential, a strong work ethic and the capacity to be team players within the club philosophy, to avail themselves of the opportunities provided to excel at their highest level both on and off the court.


1) While equal playing time is not a goal, coaches are encouraged to give all eligible players the opportunity to play in competitions.

2) We believe at Canuck Stuff that volleyball is a game where work ethic, attitude, and sportsmanship are more important than winning at all costs and that these attributes lead to success both on and off the court.

3) We believe that coaches exert a powerful influence over their players and we insist that coaches and other club officials, while expecting the best from their players, exhibit at all times a positive, constructive and supportive coaching strategy and provide a role that is beyond reproach.

Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club Athlete Agreement/Code of Conduct (PDF)

Dome Defenders

11 to 15 years old

We created this program to give more kids the opportunity to be part of a travel team and play the game of volleyball at the provincial level. This program is all about education and development. The idea is to educate the athletes about sportsmanship, discipline, competitiveness, teamwork, cooperation, and how to empower each other. Throughout the course of the season, the development component will focus on the overall athleticism of all the participants first and foremost and then on their volleyball skills. The idea is to spread the love of the game and the love of activity to as many kids as possible through sustained hard work and a dedication to improvement.

Dome Defenders will provide great coaches who are extremely passionate and dedicated to the education of athletes when it comes to the fundamental skills of volleyball and being part of a team. These coaches will care about the kids not only as athletes but as people first. We pride ourselves in providing great facilities, administration, leadership and communication with parents and athletes.

As mentioned above Dome Defenders is all about Education and Development.

  • 1. We would like the ideals of sportsmanship, discipline, positive attitude and work ethic to be the main focus of this program. This should be exhibited by both the athletes and the coaches.

  • 2. We want to develop not only volleyball players but well rounded athletes. There will be training components included every week with the practices at the GYM facility.

  • 3. We believe in having larger groups of athletes who all learn the game of volleyball together. This gives athletes the chance to be exposed and to adapt to several different teammates and coaches. It gives the athletes more access to a group of coaches with more overall knowledge of the game and several different ways of teaching the various skills. It also gives coaches more opportunities to work on specialized skills with the groups that particularly need them (example: setters working on setting).

  • 4. This is a developmental program. Although equal playing time cannot be promised, we understand that all athletes should have the opportunity to be in game situations in order to develop throughout the course of the season. We find that athletes who attend the most practices do tend to develop the quickest, and sometimes earn more playing time.

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