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#250, 10 Stonehill Pl NE

Volleydome Announcements

The Volleydome GYM has moved to its new location: #250, 10 Stonehill Place NE.
If you are parked in front of any other business that is not the Volleydome GYM they have the right to ticket or tow you. There is overflow parking behind the building (as seen on the map above in blue). 
Please park in the indicated areas between Bays 22-39.

Announcements Updated March 1, 2023

Adult Leagues:

All of our Spring/Summer Leagues are Co-ed Leagues and they will all be at the Volleydome GYM location (#250, 10 Stonehill Pl NE). For more information or to sign up go HERE

Dome Defenders & Canucks:

Check TeamSnap for practice updates and coach communications.
O'Saxman Tournaments have returned for the 2023 club year, find ages and date information HERE.

Spring Dome Club, Mini Dome Club & BEACH Dome Club:

Spring Dome Club opened for registration on Feb 1st, schedules and registration links can be found HERE.
Spring Mini Dome Club opened for registration on Feb
15th, schedules and registration links can be found HERE.


For Grades 2-4, coach Emily will be offering FUNdamental movement skills, physical literacy, and volleyball-specific skills to move confidently on the court and beyond. To find out more information or to register, click HERE.

Spring Break & Summer Camps

Spring Break Camps are being held in both March and April. Summer camps are offered throughout July & August, with varying skill level. These camps are all 1/2 day, week long options at the Volleydome GYM location. 
Beach Camps are also available at the DOME location in July & August. 
All Camp information & registration links are available


Bookings are currently available at our GYM location for advance bookings based on availability. 

Please email or call 587-619-0590 to inquire about available times.

Open 9AM - 10:30PM, 7 days a week.

  • Indoor Court (GYM): $60/hr, $40/hr for individual lessons.

  • Basketball Court (GYM): $80/hr, $50/hr for 1/2 court bookings.

  • Pickleball Court (GYM): $20/hr (weekday times only)

Quick Links

Competitive club volleyball team that calls the Volleydome Home.

Fundamental basketball programs for ages 5 - 12. All sessions at the Volleydome GYM location.


Youth Programs


Beginner Programs

MINI Dome Club

Grades 4-7

A Volleyball fundamentals program that offers an introduction to skills and gameplay with an emphasis on development and fun.

More Info >

Register for Spring 2023
(GYM only) 



Grades 2-4

Learn to move, LOVE to move. NEW Domeletics teaches FUNdamental movement skills, physical literacy, and volleyball specific skills. Skill Level: Beginner

More Info >

Register for May/June 2023
(GYM only) 

Camps & Events

Summer Camps
Born 2014 to 2007

1/2 Day camps geared towards players of varying skill levels.

More Info & Schedules >

GYM Location

Summer Camps (Beg/Int)
GYM Location

Team/Game Camps (Int+)
GYM Location

BEACH Summer Camps
DOME Location

Recreational Programs

Dome Club

Age Range: 11 to 17

Our most popular program emphasizes learning, fun, and teamwork development to help novice and intermediate players develop stronger skills and a deep passion for the sport.

Spring Registration opens Feb 1 at noon.

More Info >


Register for Spring 2023 (GYM):
Groups for Girls & Guys born 2005-2011.

Register for Spring 2023 (DOME):
Groups for Girls born 2008-2010.

DOME Registration Closed


Competitive Programs

Canuck Stuff Club

Age Range: 13 to 18


Our club boasts highly experienced coaches and a longstanding history of success in developing excellent, successful volleyball players.

Go to the Canuck Stuff Website >

Dome Defenders

Age Range: 11 to 15


This developmental program is for passionate players who are motivated to improve and compete at the club level. Players will learn skills and dedication essential to improving as an athlete.

Practice Schedules & More Info >

Guardians Basketball

Guardian Ball Logo No Background.png

Guardians Basketball

Age Range: 5 - 12


Fundamental skills for basketball in a supportive and positive environment. An emphasis on fun learning and developing basic skills is at the forefront. All sessions at the Volleydome GYM location.

More Info >


Varsity Gymnastics

The Varsity Gymnastic Club is now located in our Dome location by U of C. For more information on what they offer for programming >


Adult Programs



Weekly evening Volleyball leagues for
Co-ed teams of 3 different skill levels: Recreational, Intermediate, and Competitive.

More Info >

Registration Closed

Adult Skills Clinics

Skill development and practices for adult players of varying skill levels looking to improve their technique and team play.

July 2022 clinics being offered by coach Jon Isaacs, former member of the Bahamas National teams (for indoor and beach).
Contact Jon at

for availability. 

More Info/Schedules >

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