Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club

Club office located inside Volleydome
Club Administrator: Brian Gullekson
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM
Phone: (403)973-7701

The Volleydome

DOME Location

2825 24th Ave. NW

Calgary, AB    T2N 4L6

GYM Location

293057 James Jones Way

Calgary, AB    T4A 0X1

Hours: Every day, 9 AM - 11 PM

DOME Phone: (403)284-3663

GYM Phone: (587)619-0590


Volleyball Stuff - Calgary Store

Store located inside Volleydome
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday, 10 AM - 6 PM
Phone: (403)543-7543

Latest News

November 11, 2019

Registration for our Winter Adult leagues is now open!

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Adult Drop-In

Individual Drop-In is available year round at both locations.
Friday & Saturday, 8:30PM - 11PM.

  • DOME Cost: $7 per person

  • GYM Cost:   $7 per person

All skill levels welcome! Children younger than 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Private Bookings

Groups can book a court any time from 9AM - 11PM, 7 days a week.

  • Indoor Court: $40/hr

  • Sand Court (DOME): $20/hr

  • Basketball Court (GYM): $60/hr

To book a court call (403)284-3663. Please be sure to specify the location.

Quick Links

Our in-house competitive volleyball club team.

Volleyball and sports equipment pro-shop located inside the Volleydome.

Hello Parents & Athletes,

We wanted to provide an update regarding the future of our DOME Location (Bubble near U of C).


In June of 2018 our lease with the City expired. The City verbally agreed to us staying here for another 3 years and we have been on a month to month "overholding" lease since then. On Tuesday, October 29th, my daughter Milou (general manager of the Volleydome) and I met with some representatives from Calgary Parks and Rec who let us know that they value our service to the volleyball community and would like to see us stay, but the costs of doing so keep increasing and the long term plan for Foothills Park still includes a Field House and therefore does not include our business. Our "bubble" is getting a bit dated and there are some repairs and upgrades that we should be making, but with a lease term like ours it obviously doesn't make sense to invest in those improvements or to try to plan future programs. The Parks and Rec representatives said they would explore options for us to see if the City might possibly be able to offer us a new 3 year lease or longer, but in any case we just seem to be delaying the inevitable so we let them know that we will be looking at alternative exit strategies starting as early as July 2020.


Our new Volleydome GYM location (near CrossIron) has been getting steadily busier and we will certainly ask patrons to move as much as they are willing, and we will continue to provide volleyball opportunities to as many of you as possible. Obviously it will not be as central as our DOME Location (near UofC) for a lot of people and maybe it will never be as successful or popular as our DOME location has been. We will continue to look for alternatives in Calgary, but that has been a frustrating process for quite a few years now. There are a lot of factors that need to align to make a family owned, privately run facility like ours work in a City like Calgary and apparently our bubble start-up was a lucky shot when we started it back in 1994. To volleyball enthusiasts like us it seems as if everyone should be supporting a healthy life sport like ours, but that hasn't translated into any affordable real estate options and certainly none with a location like the DOME.


So, if anyone is interested in buying and moving a used bubble next summer or the summer after, then please let us know.  If anyone knows of any weird buildings (high roofs and far spaced support posts) or cheap pieces of land in the City that we might move to then let us know because the clock is definitely ticking on the DOME and we don't want our volleyball community to be too shocked or disappointed when we are gone.


If you have questions or concerns, I can be reached by email at or by phone at 587-619-0595. You may also call Milou (General Manager) at 403-284-3663.  

Thanks for supporting our business these many years. 

Don Saxton


Youth Programs

Beginner Programs

MINI Dome Club

Grades 4-7

A Volleyball fundamentals program that offers an introduction to skills and gameplay with an emphasis on development and fun.

Registration for Winter is open.

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Register for Winter
(Dome & GYM): 


Recreational Programs

Dome Club

Age Range: 11 to 17

Our most popular program emphasizes learning, fun & teamwork development to help novice and intermediate players develop stronger skills and a deep passion for the sport.

More Info >

Register For Winter 2020:

Winter 2020 Schedules:

Fall 2019 Schedules:

Competitive Programs

Canuck Stuff Club

Age Range: 13 to 18


Our club boasts highly experienced coaches and a longstanding history of success in developing excellent, successful volleyball players.

Go to the Canuck Stuff Website >

Junior Canucks

Age Range: 11 to 15


This developmental program is for passionate players who are motivated to improve and compete at the club level. Players will learn skills and dedication essential to improving as an athlete.

Practice Schedules & More Info >

Camps & Events

Week-long summer camps geared towards players of varying skill levels. Our most popular camps run in the summer and during winter and spring breaks for beginner/recreational players.

More Info & 2019 Schedules >

2019 Summer Camps:

Stefan's Factory Camp 2019:


We regularly run Jr. High school tournaments in the Fall and informal mini-tournaments for our recreational youth league during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Please contact the volleydome for more information about tournaments and registration.

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